Because some flavors just don't mix.

About FroYoVider©

We are fun loving frozen yogurt enthusiasts who wanted to enhance the "FroYo" experience. We also have kids who complain when their food touches. So, we developed the FroYoVider©.

  • FroYoVider© is made with materials that are FDA-approved for direct frozen yogurt contact.
  • FroYoVider© uses less material than other cup dividers on the market.
  • FroYoVider© is eco-friendly. It is made from FSC- or SFI-certified paperboard stock that is
    100% recyclable.
  • All FroYoVider© starter kits come with a space-saving acrylic counter display that is washable.
  • Made in the USA, FroYoVider© is patent pending – No. 85768200.